Life on the farm

Cody wants to play

Brylie lovin Cody
K.C. back to work 

Come play with me
                                                           What's for Dinner?

Ready for a spin?
Would someone take this shirt off?
I'm ready when you are.
KC & my beloved Wendle- RIP Wendle
Jazzy wants to play
Snow at Cottonwood
Beers Chillin
Snowball fight comin on
RIP - Best dog ever - Tuppie
Foggy Morning

Beautiful sunsets off our deck
Hay is for horses
Nana and Poppa
Keith pickin
Mr. Rooster will be leavin the premises soon!
Wendle givin Em a ride
Keith - Freshman 
Kitty chillin in the beams
Maybe I can go to school with Keith
Bonfire - great neighbors
 Our soon to be neighbors from Fla

Keith & KC
 Feb sky says early spring

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